Rita Adams' Story

Rita Adams is an artist, Christian, and a dedicated philanthropist. Her captivating artworks are characterized by their vibrant colors and intricate details.Through her artistry, she not only expresses her deep faith but also serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration for others.


Rita developed an interest in art in her early college days in Brazil. After she met and married an American and moved to the USA in 1984, she studied art, taking classes and workshops in oil painting, pastels, photography, and jewelry making. Rita became especially adept at oil painting.  

However, since Rita loves the unusual visual arts and thrives on the ‘complex and difficult’, she began working with the seldom-seen ancient art form of Encaustics. 

Encaustic is a challenging art medium since it requires ‘painting’ by pouring and brushing hot, molten wax and pigment, fusing each wax layer using a blowtorch or a hot gun, painted over a rigid porous substrate such as wood, tile or stone.

She and her family often travel internationally and have visited many of the greatest Art Museums of the world. Rita typically spends 2-4 months a year out of the country in support of her charitable endeavors.

Rita’s artwork is a visual representation of her many unique cultural and spiritual experiences.