Casa Israel

A Welcome word from Casa Israel’s founder, Rita A. Adams,

Casa Israel is a non-profit organization built from three great loves: love of God, love of art, and love of the amazing people of Israel. We facilitate Israel Awareness, advocacy, art, and philanthropy. We are grateful that you are spending your valuable time with us to learn about Israel and appreciate its people.

We create art with purpose.

We connect artists to Israel.

About us. Casa Israel is a non-profit organization that facilitates education, awareness, advocacy, art, and philanthropy. Casa Israel has chosen art as its medium because, in light of other points of view, art creates a space for self-reflection. 

We can no longer be silent and (perhaps unintentionally) support those whose aim is to bring harm to Israel and her people. Antisemitism and Holocaust denial are on the rise, and the BDS (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions) Movement against Israel is growing. For over 30 years, Rita Adams and her family have walked the talk, carrying out the commands to “Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem,” Ps. 122:6, and to “Comfort, comfort My People,” Is. 40:1, using their talents and gifts for this purpose. Over the years, the Adams family has committed significant time and resources to this purpose, creating lasting relationships and connections that provide a foundation for many fruitful efforts to protect Israeli lives.

Who do we help?

Casa Israel assists non-profit organizations that support Israel Education, Awareness, Advocacy, Art, and Philanthropy.

Rita’s Life and Casa Israel

My visit to Israel and Jerusalem in 1989 lit a fire inside of me. I wanted to learn more about the Bible and the Jewish roots of Christianity. Unable to ignore the call of God to support Israel and her people, I became a part-time resident. Until COVID, I split my time between Austin, (Texas, USA) and Jerusalem where I spend my days managing art programs and volunteering with various humanitarian projects.

Being an artist, painter, jewelry, and textile maker myself, I have always been drawn to the creative world of art.

I have produced international music festivals, and managed art collaborations for writers, composers, painters, mosaicists, sculptors, and jewelry designers. I also organized tours to Israel for artists, Pastors, and Bible students.

My family and I have visited over 50 countries with their famous Museums and art galleries.

Today, I am using my God-given artistic gifts to promote awareness of the plight of Israel, showcase the work of the Israeli art community and raise much-needed funds for non-profit organizations that support the fulfillment of God’s promise to Israel.

You are invited to connect with us and learn more about Israel.