Cardo Collection

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Our stunning Jewelry is rich in color and of different designs. Each piece consists of a variety of pearls, crystals, glass, metals, and pomegranate pendants.

Presently, we offer the following Jewelry lines:

The Azure Collection – Blue is one of two national colors of Israel and is part of the country’s flag.

The Cardo Collection – Meaning ‘heart’, named after the reconstructed main street of 6th century Byzantine Jerusalem.

The Rimon collection – Celebrates the color of pomegranates and its connection to the Jewish people.

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Cardo means “heart” and was the name of the reconstructed main street in Byzantine Jerusalem during the sixth century. 

For this line, Rita hand rolls paper beads, carefully selecting the paper for each design. She painstakingly cuts paper strips, rolls beads, and embellishes and seals them. The paper beads are combined with pearls, semi-precious stones, silver, glass, and metal beads to create stunning, eco-friendly artistic pieces.