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Rita Adams says: My art communicates my personal cultural experience, aesthetic sensibility which is influenced by the culture that surrounds me.” Her inspiration comes from visiting Biblical sites, shopping at Israel’s bustling open markets, mingling with the rich art culture and listening to stories of the country’s renowned artists. Buy Art. Your purchase provides resources to continue our Educational and Philanthropic work. Please note: if you would like to purchase original art, please contact Casa Israel at


Rita's artwork is a visual representation of her many unique cultural and spiritual experiences. Israel is an incredibly photogenic place to sojourn - stunning landscapes - deserts, mountains, cities ancient and modern, and the seas. Please visit the online art gallery.


My paintings are created with the original encaustic process. Encaustic means to ‘burn’ the various layers of the applied wax. The medium used for the encaustic art is a mixture of beeswax and damar resin – tree sap in it’s rawest form, melted and applied onto subtrates. substrate, or support, are wood, boards, or other rigid material prepared to receive the molten wax medium. For many years I have been painting oil on canvas but since I learned encaustics oils are in the ‘back burner’. Working with encaustics is much harder than working with oil painting but I enjoy immensely the sensual final art pieces.


Painting oil on canvas gives me the a wide range of options to harness my inspiration thru forms, colors, textures and effects simply by mixing a few oil colors together.