Casa Israel Jewelry Collections

Friends, we are THRILLED to be able to share with you our upcoming product launch. Soon we will be releasing a line of hand-crafted jewelry, made by Casa Israel founder, Rita Adams.

As many of you know, Rita has always been drawn to the creative world of art and she works in a variety of mediums (if you haven’t seen her art and photography, you can take a look by clicking here).

At Casa Israel, we love the idea of using jewelry as an artistic adornment — a way to wear art out into the world and share the story behind it.

And the jewelry made by Rita tells a beautiful story.

Jewelry is one of the oldest art forms and can be traced back to the earliest civilizations. The Israelites wore a variety of jewelry, and jewelry references can be found throughout scripture. Men often wore a signet seal or ring which served as the signature of the owner (see Genesis 38:18, Song of Solomon 8:6). In the book of Genesis, we read of Rebekah’s betrothal and marriage to Isaac (Genesis 24: 1-67). Rebekah receives rings and bracelets as part of a betrothal gift and her family also receives adornments and jewels. This account is the first reference to jewelry found in the Bible.

The jewelry made by Casa Israel is wonderfully unique. Within the collection, you’ll find three lines based on color and material.


The Rimon collection celebrates the color of pomegranates and the connection of the fruit to the Israeli people. Many Hebrew scholars theorize the forbidden fruit referenced in the creation story was, in fact, a pomegranate and not an apple. Regardless, the pomegranate has become a symbol of resurrection and rebirth within the Christian community.

The jewelry in this collection is stunning. Rich in color, the design of each piece varies but all are made using a variety of pearls, crystals, glass, metals and pomegranate pendants.




We love the Azure line! Jewelry found in this collection celebrates the crystalline blue of the sky on a cloudless day. Blue is one of two national colors of Israel and is part of the country’s flag. References to the color are found throughout the Torah — children of ancient Israel were commanded to make fringes on their clothing that included a thread of blue and would serve as a reminder to remember the commandments.

Jewelry made for the Azure collection includes a mixed media of pearl, crystals, glass and metals in shades of blue and white.



Cardo means “heart” and was the name of the reconstructed main street in Byzantine Jerusalem during the sixth century. 

For the Cardo line, Rita hand rolls paper beads, carefully selecting the paper for each design. She painstakingly cuts paper strips, rolls beads, and embellishes and seals them. The paper beads are combined with pearls, semi-precious stones and silver, glass and metal beads to create stunning, eco-friendly artistic pieces.


As soon as we have an official launch date for the jewelry line, you’ll be the first to know. If you haven’t signed up for our emails, you may sign up  here.

And, remember —  100% of the net profits from every jewelry sale are donated to organizations supporting Israeli charities. 

Buy something beautiful for yourself or someone you love. Share the beautiful story of the people of Israel. Shopping for good has never been easier!