Combining Encaustic and Digital Art for Jacob’s Ladder


Combining Encaustic and Digital Art for Jacob’s Ladder

Introducing Jacob's Ladder, my latest painting collection! This project has been a true labor of love, combining ancient and modern art mediums to retell a timeless story.  Encaustic painting, an art form dating back 5,000 years, involves combining hot wax, resin, and pigment to create luminous compositions. I like to say I paint with fire, exploring symbols of dreams, faith, and fears that are just as relevant today as they were in Jacob's time.

I've also incorporated digital paintings, pushing the boundaries of artistic expression and exploring new dimensions of creativity. This fusion of ancient and new mediums allows me to retell the story of Jacob's Ladder uniquely and powerfully.


Inspired by the biblical story in Genesis 28:10-22, Jacob's Ladder portrays a divine connection between heaven and earth. This story resonates deeply with me, and I hope it connects with you too.


I believe art has the power to transform lives and build understanding across cultures. It transcends language and borders, and I hope this collection inspires and resonates with you in a meaningful way.

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