Art in Israel

There are seven classifications within art: painting, architecture, sculpture, literature, music, performance, and cinema. In Israel, art tends to revolve around four common themes:
  • References to the Holocaust
  • References to the Israeli military
  • References to the Hebrew language
  • Personal interpretations of Jewish identity

Israel’s art is on display in museums and galleries across the country. In fact, Israel boasts more museums per capita than any other country in the world. 

Organized art activity began in the country in 1906 when Professor Boris Schatz founded the Bezalel Academy of Arts & Crafts in Jerusalem to encourage the study of art in Israel. In just four years, the academy grew, boasting a student body of 500 and 32 different departments.

The art community has grown steadily since and receives broad community support. Israeli citizens love to support artists — by visiting exhibits at local museums and galleries, frequenting the artists quarters of Safed and Yafo, and by purchasing the works of local artists.

Experience Art in Israel

If you are planning a trip to Israel and want to soak up as much art as possible, we have a few recommendations for you:

Join a Book an Art and Culture Tour - There is something to be said about booking a tour with a reputable company and letting them show you the sights and sounds of the city. Many tour companies offer just such an experience through their 8-10 day Art & Culture Tours. On the tour, you’ll visit famous museums and little-known art boutiques you would never find on your own. Let me know If you would like more information about the tour.

 Visit an Art Village - For a more intimate experience, visit one of the many art villages in Israel. While there are many — Aniam and Tzukim are certainly worth visiting — also the village of Ein Hod,  the first and oldest art village in the country. Established by artist Marcel Janco in 1953, the community was built upon the remains of an old Arab village. Today, there are several hundred artists living in Ein Hod. In the heart of the village lies the main gallery which exhibits permanent collections by local residents as well as rotating exhibits by artists from across Israel.



Stop by the Artists’ Quarters in Safed - Safed is one of the four holy cities in Israel and the art found here is nothing short of breathtaking. From the city’s museums to the beautiful synagogues, art is woven into the fabric of this ancient city. One of the most famous sites in Safed is its Artists Quarters. Artists of all types have lived here and created amazing masterpieces during their stay. Many of the artists living here today have open studios, allowing you to watch them work. You’ll see silversmiths, jewelry makers, sculptors and muralists — all working on projects and happy to engage in conversation. It’s a beautifully candid experience.

If a trip to Israel is not on your current itinerary, have no fear. We will show you the art we have available for purchase. There are a variety of mediums: photographs, oil on canvas, encaustic painting, and hand-crafted jewelry. Everything on the website is inspired by and, in some cases created by, the people of Israel. If you choose to make a purchase, know that 100% of the net profits go directly back to Israel — to support organizations working with holocaust survivors and at-risk youth.

You receive a wonderfully unique piece of art.

The people of Israel receive much-needed funds.

And God receives the glory.

How great Thou art, indeed.