Volunteers Needed at CASA ISRAEL, Austin, TX.

Did you know..? Hudson Taylor is known as one of the greatest missionaries of the 19th Century. He spent most of his life in China, but once a year, on New Year's Day, Hudson Taylor had a custom; he would send a cheque to the Mildmay Mission to the Jews in London. On the back of the cheque he would write, "to the Jew first…"

The Purpose of Casa Israel is educational and charitable, awareness and reconciliation between Christians and Jews here in Texas and in Israel.

Volunteering is the giving of one's time, experience and energy, so that society and the community can benefit. It is carried out by the individual's own choice without any concern for payment or financial gain.

Become a volunteer Maybe you would like to give of your time and skills to become hands of blessing for Israel by volunteering with Casa Israel in Austin, TX and then maybe volunteer in Israel. Volunteers fulfill this valuable role by helping with administrative, educational and artistic tasks. A volunteer can enlist for days, weeks or months depending on their circumstances and the needs of Casa Israel. Volunteers are responsible for meeting their costs. Inquiries should be directed to the Israel Awareness/Casa Israel education@casaisrael.com

Volunteers' Responsibilities
To perform your assignments to the best of your ability
To be committed
To respect the values and aims of the organization
To accept accountability for your actions
To cooperate with other volunteers and staff because you are part of a team
To be reliable and give the organization sufficient warning if unable to help
To be punctual
To attend essential training and support sessions
To undertake the work to a high standard
To be honest if there are problems
To respect confidentiality
To be open to change and ready to learn new skills
As a volunteer, you represent the Ministry of Israel Awareness/Casa Israel
You are expected to be courteous, cheerful and helpful toward staff and visitors reflects on the Ministry and on you, personally. The people you serve depend on you to fulfill your obligations as a volunteer.

Israel Awareness / Casa Israel responsibilities
To inform the volunteer of their criteria for selection
To ensure the volunteering experience is a rewarding one
To define clear, meaningful roles for volunteers
To have policies and procedures for volunteers
To provide all necessary information to volunteers
To be available for volunteers
To provide training where necessary
To thank and value volunteers
To inform volunteers of any legal liabilities
To supervise and to provide support
To reimburse out-of-pocket expenses where funds allow
To provide a safe working environment


Location: Austin, TX   Casa Israel  is a non-profit Ministry for Awareness and Reconciliation between Christians and Jews through educational events and biblical art. The proceeds will benefits non-profit ministries of  social programs and charities in Israel.  The gift shop carries a wide variety of gifts, including art, hand painted silk, judaica, jewelry,  books, DVDs,  cards, ornaments, much more.  The ministry of Casa Israel is run almost entirely by volunteers.

1.  Special Event Coordinator
Need: according to events being developed.
 To promote Israel Awareness events, conferences, seminars, teachings, bazaars, meetings with Christian ministries and churches.

2. Administrative Assistant
Need: daily
The Administrative Assistant is responsible for administrative duties.
Must possess a demonstrated ability in written and verbal communication.
Must have ability to multi-task and prioritize workload.Must be proficient in MS Word, Outlook, and Power Point. and Desktop Publishing to Create fliers, publications, invites, ads, etc.

3. Congregational Liaisons
As needed
To liaison between Christian and Jewish Congregations: distributing literature, sponsoring prayer for Israel, leading activities to participate in the ministries in Israel. To lead and participate in weekly prayers for Israel at the AHOP – Austin House of Prayer

4. Fundraising Coordinator
As needed
Strategizing and implementing fundraising plans for events and campaigns.

5. International Development Director
As needed
Must have leadership and management skills, good communication and public speaking skills. English, Spanish/Portuguese desirable: computer savvy: for relations between USA, Brazil and Israel.

6. Accountant
Need: Once a month, as needed.
Must have an accounting background and skills, general computer skills, and a love of working with numbers and figures.

7. Marketing – Promotion and Publicity
As needed
To promote Israel Awareness and the educational/humanitarian programs of Casa Israel.
To publicize our events to the newspapers and other community organizations by emails and posting the information on the websites. The database of emails and websites along with the event details will be given.

8. Website Maintenance
As needed
To update Web Pages, create links for promotion.  
We are looking for people who can help us maintain the websites.
To coordinate the services of the Virtual Assistant volunteers.

9. Virtual Assistants
As needed
To manage email newsletters, offer web page links to Christian ministries, Create virtual Press Releases. We are looking for people who can help us with writing press releases for our upcoming events for the Biblical Feasts. All communication can be done through email and physical presence is not required.

For additional information please contact us by email education@casaisrael.com

Israel Awareness/Casa Israel is a non-profit volunteer organization 501(c)(3). 

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