There are many opportunities to learn and to help charities and educational programs in ISRAEL. These are a few of our ongoing projects. Please join us. Make a donation.

Israel Goldstein Youth Village –  The ‘Havat HaNoar HaTsioni – חוות הנוער הציוני is a residential/boarding school to educate, support and integrate youth from over 25 countries into Israeli Society. The Village strives to enable its students to fully develop -academically, culturally and socially and at the same time guiding their growth as creative and independent individuals, as proud Jews and contributing members of society. History : The Village, which served as one of IsraelYouth Aliyah’s absorption centers, was opened in 1949 with 40 Jewish orphans who lost their families in the Holocaust. Please donate to the youth-at-risk.
. video – the history of the Israel Goldstein Youth Village

The Fountain of Tears . . . coming to Austin, TX in 2020!!
“A Dialog of Suffering Between the Holocaust and the Crucifixion”
Seven sculptured relief panels reflecting the last seven utterances from the crucifixion . . . Seven life size bronze figures symbolizing the response and reflection of the Holocaust . . . Six pillars of stone for a memorial to the six million perished.
The Fountain of Tears is based on the verses of Jeremiah, “Oh Lord that my head were a spring of water and my eyes a fountain of tears that I would weep day and night for the lost of my people.”  This was a cry and prayer from Jeremiah, and it is also my prayer that the Lord God would remember the six million and pay back all that was taken from this people as a result of the Holocaust. 
A DIALOG OF SUFFERING – ART EXHIBIT coming to Texas . .  more

Ner Ya’akov is a non-profitable organization that was founded in Israel with the purpose of caring for Holocaust survivors in every way possible. The organization has a “Center for Holocaust Survivors”, which provides a warm caring home for survivors, a place for survivors to come on holidays and rest and recovery after illness. The Center also hosts reconciliation meetings and receives groups from Israel and around the world to connect them to the past. The organization also provides “Practical Help” for the last living witnesses of the Holocaust in their private homes. Its founding was inspired by the desire of committed German Christians who long to bring comfort to these last living witnesses and humbly express the desire of reconciliation following those awful experiences of the the past. Ner Ya’akov was founded with the goal that it would be a candle of hope and comfort to the Holocaust survivors. A German among Jews – Local Israel – Jerusalem PostInge Buhs has dedicated her life to serving Holocaust survivors. …
A warm home for Holocaust survivors – Israel News, Ynetnews

International Christian Embassy Jerusalem – ICEJ  
video –
ICEJ AID, the Embassy’s social assistance arm touches the lives of all people in Israel by contributing to projects across the nation in every sector of society. Fullfilling a  calling to comfort God’s people by meeting the needs of children, elderly, disabled, new immigrants and needy families. ICEJ – AID the International Christian Embassy’s social assistance arm touches the lives of all people in Israel by contributing to projects across the nation in every sector of society
Please donate . Here is a list of Current Appeals

Jerusalem Children Fund -– Mount of Olives, in Jerusalem, Israel.
Since 2008, the Jerusalem Children’s Fund has been privileged to give joyfully to many Arab and Jewish children in need.
Current needs:
. a new website
. medical and dental needs
. school fees, including tuition, books, supplies, uniforms/clothes
. nutritional needs (food and supplements)
. holiday gifts and giving (i.e. food vouchers/baskets)
. a new music center for disadvantaged children
.  after-school programming for the children of new immigrants
. helping with the efforts to end human trafficking
. supporting pro-life and the families who chose not to abort their children
. baby showers for the needs of new babies
. kids camps (including soccer, dance, drama, English, etc.)
. English tutoring
. music lessons
. visiting orphanages in Bethany, Bethlehem and Mount of Olives.
. having parties doing dramas, playing harps and other instruments
. monthly birthday parties for the children in our neighborhood.

Es-Sense is a social services project that integrates autistic people with High School students who work shoulder to shoulder to manufacture high quality natural soaps and spa products while exercising tolerance and acceptance of the other.    the history of the Es Sense project

Friends of Sheba Medical Center –  Sheba Medical Center is the largest and most comprehensive medical center in Israel and indeed in the Middle East.
Over 8,000 health professionals take care of more than 1.5 million patients annually, regardless of nationality, color and creed – civilians, soldiers and tourists alike – as well as patients from many crisis hotspots that need help – from the Palestinian Authority, Lebanon, Iraq, Turkey, wounded refugees from Syria, etc.  The hospital supports and organizes aid missions to disaster-struck regions around the world.
Pancreatic Cancer Research in the USA – Los Angeles, and in Houston – partnership with MD Anderson.

Tours to Israel – with Col. John Somerville This trip will definitely change the way that you look at the Bible. Every time that you open your Bible after you’ve been to the authentic sites you will seethe stories more vividly than you could ever have imagined. And you will be opening it even more than you ever did before. “I’ll never be the same again!” That’s what I keep hearing from those who have been with me in Israel.
. Pastors Familiarization Tour to Israel – This tour is subsidized by Israel’s Tourism partners and Zion’s Watchmen especially for ministry leaders who have never been to Israel or at least not recently.

Petra van der Zande – writer, author – Best books to learn about ISRAEL, JUDAISM, about the Roots of Christianity, the Holocaust, books with Jewish, Christian, Judeo-Christian or (Christian) Zionist themes.  Buy Books Here  

Buy ART – Paintings  and  Photography –  about ISRAEL and Biblical Themes. Net proceeds are donated to charity and educational projects  in Israel.

Buy Elegant Gold and precious gems Jewelry created and made in Israel –handmade, original design, support Israeli artists, zionists who live in the ‘territories’  Stav Jewelry    Dalia Stav is a  Jewelry designer with a unique store in the German Colony,Jerusalem.

Buy Israel themed jewelry in Austin – biblical themes, judaica and Israel – contact me for additional info.

If you want to support charity and educational programs in Israel,
. if you are looking for volunteer opportunities
. to partner and create business in Israel,
. to partner with ministries in Israel,
. to buy Israeli products, … questions …  please contact me


Israel related Past projects  For over 30 years Casa Israel has supported Christians and Jewish Ministries in the USA, Israel, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, India, Italy, Portugal, and Norway. 






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