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There are amazing opportunities to Bless the People of Israel and the LORD always provides ‘divine appointments’ every time I come to Israel and I’ve had the awesome the privilege to make my contribution these  30+ years of coming to Israel. My involvement with Charity, Education, Social Services, Art, Advocacy and Business Networking has been very productive. 
For the purpose of creating Israel Awareness, Casa Israel developed programs to offer  Consulting, Project Management, and Strategic Coaching Services to Non-Profit entities in Israel. 
. Developing business plans for non-profit Israel related companies
. Developing programs to encourage non-profit organizations to collaborate by bringing business buyers and suppliers together in every conceivable product, service, and country around the world.
. Business assessment and mentoring programs
. Help you define your ministry, your vision and your goals
. How to grow your business with an effective marketing plan,
. How to Combine Consulting and Coaching programs to generate the financial support you need.
. Coaching to partnering alliances, to better understand international markets and the opportunities available.
. Consulting to understand that technology is only a tool to help your non-profit  run more efficiently.
. One-on-one consulting and strategic advice
. A written and researched executive summary, product description, market overview and competitive analysis
. A flexible financial model built from the “bottom up” with formulas that can be changed
. Expert market research to define and analyze your target market and sales potential.
. One-on-one coaching to help you make successful investor presentations
Comments…. From AH, Jerusalem, ‘Rita has a tremendous burden for the people of Israel and she has a rich history of 24 years visiting and supporting Israel. Rita has chosen not only to pray for Israel but to help with practical deeds. She wants her Casa Israel’s service to be a free gift to them.
From DYT, Jerusalem “Casa Israel consulting is given as a free gift to Israel from matching connections to the  Evangelical Christian community around the world as an act of repentance and reconciliation for all that has been done to them throughout the centuries in the name of Christianity. As a practical expression of our love and support for Israel, we stand together with them at this difficult time, and we want them to know that they are not alone.”
From JS, California. “With this partnership, the Christian community has an opportunity to stand up and say we support and love Israel I believe the Israelis are ready to hear that from us now.”

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