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Casa Israel promotes and facilitates Israel Awareness through Educational Programs and Charity  all over the world.

Rita Adams

Since her first visit to Israel in 1989 Rita felt she wanted to learn more about the Bible and the Jewish roots of Christianity. Growing up in south Brazil, speaking 5 languages she continues studying Biblical and modern Hebrew. After many years of extensive travels to over 30 countries sharing the command ‘we have as Christians to “Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem”, to love Israel and the Jewish People. “Comfort, Comfort My People” Is. 40:1. She has met with many International Government Representatives, as well as partnered with Christian and Zionist Organizations for various Educational, Humanitarian and Charity Programs.

Rita lived in Nashville, TN for 12 years, with her husband and children, she worked as a Music Producer for top International Country Music artists, sharing with them her deeper calling to comfort the people of Israel. The family moved to Austin, TX in 1995.

Her dedication to the people and the Land of Israel has led her to organize and lead tours to the Holy Land, teaching about the Eternal Covenant our God has with Israel. Rita boldly takes a stand for Israel, for Jerusalem as its undivided, eternal capital and for the unquestioned right of the Jewish People to the Land of Israel.

Rita has been involved in various humanitarian projects and has had speaking engagements at churches and private gatherings in the USA, Brazil, Portugal, France, India, and Israel, among others. Hoping to build true interfaith relationship worldwide by promoting awareness, she also translates books into other languages.

As a part-time resident of Jerusalem, Israel Rita serves and supports Humanitarian Projects, among them The Social Assistance Program at The International Christian Embassy of Jerusalem. Through the years she has developed international friends linking her to Bible Scholars, Bible Translators, and supporters of Israel in more than 30 countries.

Rita is a passionate painter, accomplished photographer and a lifelong Scholar. As a hobby, she loves to crochet and knit sweaters for her grandchildren and friends.

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